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Although most breakfast clubs are supported by funding from Greggs Foundation, we need additional support to help us meet the identified need in our local communities.

From as little as £3,000 we can provide funding for a breakfast club for a year.  As all Foundation running costs are covered, we aim to ensure that very penny finds its way to disadvantaged children in the UK.

If you would like to support us, here are a number of ways you can help:

You could provide a donation towards an existing club. On average, breakfast clubs cost from £3,000 to run for a year, we would ask that you commit to support a club for two years, however any donation will help us reach more disadvantaged children.

You can support a club on our waiting list. The breakfast club programme is extremely popular and we have generated a sizable waiting list.

If there are no suitable clubs on our waiting list you can commission Greggs Foundation to find a club that meets your requirements. This can be done at no extra cost, so a donation of £6,000 will allow you to open and support a breakfast club for a two year period.

To discuss how you can help more disadvantaged children, please call a member of the Breakfast Club team Lynne Hindmarch, Breakfast Club Manager, or Joanne Miles Breakfast Club Manager, on 0191 2127830.


Discover more by reading our Breakfast Club brochure


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